Troubling News

Journal Entry # 519 May 3, 2075 (Last Entry)

I had been waiting for a chance to interview a certain scientist regarding the state of the Earth for a while now. I was planning to include the interview in an article that would focus on the efforts the scientists are putting towards the goal of going back home. Today, I was given a chance to talk with Dr. Chelsea Fabros.

I was fortunate enough to be granted entry to the labs. On a normal day, they were off-limits if you didn’t work there. A guard led me to her station, where she shook my hand and offered me a seat.

“Thank you for having me, Dr. Fabros. I just have a few questions for you regarding your work here on the Empezar,” I said.

“Regarding my work specifically? Or my team’s?”

“What do you mean? Is your work different?”

“Oh, no. No,” she said waving her hands. “What did you want to know about the project?”

My mind was stuck for a second, wondering what she meant. It felt like she slipped and said something she shouldn’t. But I decided to just go on with the interview. The facts she laid before me were worse than I expected. The Earth was still covered with Category IV storms with no sign of improvement. A quick solution still eluded her team. The encouragement I wanted to give my readers would sound more like a death sentence that would snuff out the last flicker of hope in their hearts.

As a journalist I have an obligation to report what I found. But I wasn’t sure if I should publish it. I decided to consult Capt. Markus Rednieg, my boss and the ship’s captain, about my dilemma. I called his office and they told me to see him tomorrow.


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