General Rosentino’s Address

—Start Transmission—


It has been a year since we were forced to leave our home. It was not easy to part with the life we had known for so long, replaced by the vast harshness of space. Earth is lost to us, for now; imprisoned by nature’s awesome destructive power. Much has been taken away but as I look at where we are, what we have been able to create in this place that for centuries many believed to only be the realm of gods, myths, and dreams, I am amazed. I see a thriving people, creating wonders that would put the past’s gods, myths, and dreams to shame. Each and every one of our citizens has been the building block of our success in these new frontiers. Each and every one of us had their part to play in the salvation of our race.

As we celebrate the founding of the Federation, let us take the time to remember the sacrifices that were made to ensure the survival of humankind. Let us honor the loved ones and friends who could not stand with us today. I urge you, fellow citizens of the Strekan Federation, to take heart. The path laid before us is a difficult path. But how much harder can the next step be when we have already risen from the ruins of our civilization? We did not leave in defeat. We did not leave without hope. This Foundation Day, know that we are, and have always been, one.


General Claude Rosentino

Foundation Day Address

May 27, 2075


—End of Transmission—


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