Indigo Leak



August 14, 2073


Good morning.

Last Friday, August 11, the cybercriminal organization Kloud Group, successfully conducted a cyberattack on the global headquarters of Indigo, Inc. We know that many, if not all of you, have seen at least part of the data they uploaded to Wikileaks VR, so we would like to clarify some of the things you may have read.

It is public knowledge that Indigo won the contract for a UN project started in 2062 to investigate the cause of anomalous weather patterns happening all over the world.

The importance of the work Indigo does for humanity cannot be stated enough, given that our data is showing an escalation in both magnitude and frequency of these anomalous weather disturbances.

What we have been experiencing in the last few months are not some incidental spikes in severe weather, nor is it one of those once-in-a-hundred-years kind of thing. All our data points to an increasing progression to worse and worse phenomenon.

Indigo, along with other participants in the study, was in the process of discussing how best to break this news to humanity, hopefully alongside measures we can take to mitigate and solve these problems. Unfortunately, their untimely release through the irresponsible actions of the Kloud criminal group have led to widespread panic all over the world.

Mention of space agencies, both government and private, in the leaked data are beyond the scope of Indigo’s mandate to assess the situation of our geosphere. We were told by the UN that they will address this information in their own press conference on the Leaks.

All that we are allowed to tell the members of the press is that, in our discussions with the UN and other concerned individuals about the state of the Earth is that every kind of solutions are being considered. If it will take leaving the Earth aboard massive “space arks” for us to survive as a species, then it is an option that cannot be taken off the table.


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