Streko is a collection of stories taking place in a post-Earth setting several decades from now. Some stories intertwine and some stand alone. But all tell about the fate of the human race.

The Storms

Massive storms started to plague the earth. From studies, it was realized that it was only getting worse. It was unclear what the real reason for the storms was. The more popular opinion was climate change. But one things was clear, they had to leave earth.

The Empezars

Powerful world organizations began construction of the Empezars the moment they learned of the fate of the earth. The Empezars are massive ark ships capable of housing around 200 to 250 thousand people. The first Empezar core was launched in January 1, 2073.

The Federation

On May 27, 2074, the last Empezar core was launched and marked the foundation of the Streko Federation.