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Cat’s Cradle #225-226

RINKU!Blog of Catrina Soeder, MD text post #225 set to: PUBLIC Hi everyone, Valentine’s is just around the corner (by our Federation-approved calendar at least) so you all know what that means!


Breaking Eden

>> Access File I-AP-141117 >> Play This is Rehan Sharma reporting from the fortifications of the 2nd Company, 31st Home Guard Battalion, in the Worker’s District of Aasha Panch as we enter the seventh hour of the siege of what appears to be the last stronghold of the insurgents. I have not been given exact numbers by the captain of the 2/31, but from what we have seen since this siege started, Home Guard troops have tried multiple times to storm the rebel lines but to no avail. The last assault, about thirty minutes ago, resulted not only in more casualties for the 31st HGB but also the loss of Major Arjun Singh.

Indigo Leak

TRANSCRIPT OF STATEMENT BY HENRIK BAPTISTE, CEO OF INDIGO, INC. FOR IMMEDIATE DISSEMINATION August 14, 2073   Good morning. Last Friday, August 11, the cybercriminal organization Kloud Group, successfully conducted a cyberattack on the global headquarters of Indigo, Inc. We know that many, if not all of you, have seen at least part of the … Continue reading Indigo Leak