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"We all left someone on a dying Earth, after all. "Our memories of them drove us here, to the Lifeline. Hoping we can hear their voices again."


Indigo Leak

TRANSCRIPT OF STATEMENT BY HENRIK BAPTISTE, CEO OF INDIGO, INC. FOR IMMEDIATE DISSEMINATION August 14, 2073   Good morning. Last Friday, August 11, the cybercriminal organization Kloud Group, successfully conducted a cyberattack on the global headquarters of Indigo, Inc. We know that many, if not all of you, have seen at least part of the … Continue reading Indigo Leak

Cat’s Cradle #202-203

Cat’s Cradle RINKU!Blog of Catrina Soeder, MD text post #202 set to: PUBLIC Hey everyone! It’ll be a whole night cycle of celebrations later, but try not to drink too much! Symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth, headaches, and dizziness, all of which can be avoided by considering that next shot may not be a … Continue reading Cat’s Cradle #202-203